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Thursday, July 5, 2007



Translation by Whims of Fate blog.

05.07.2007 20:06
Andrey Savelyev
The decision OF IOC about the victory of Sochi is made only out of corrupt motives, counts the Deputy Chairman of Committee of the State Duma for constitutional legislation and state building Andrey Savelyev.

"The city, into infrastructure of which they will pack enormous money, is absolutely not ready for any mass sport measures", stated deputy in interview REGIONS.RU/"Novosti for federation", commenting on the victory of Russian health resort in the competition to the right of conducting winter Olympiad -2014.

According to the parliamentarian, "Russian mass sport is completely destroyed. Therefore the victory of Sochi causes in me no feelings, except displeasure, besides corruption there's nothing else to expect".

The deputy chairman of committee considers that for the victory of Sochi in the competition to the right of conducting winter Olympiad -2014 "was prepared the act of international corruption of large scale. And differently this cannot be concluded in any other way ".

After reporting that he himself has been in Sochi, Andrey Savelyev emphasized: "in this city neither Olympiad nor other large-scale sport measure cannot be undertaken. Indeed in order to convert this city into the sports center, it is necessary to spend colossal amounts of money, which are necessary in our country for other purposes. Moreover the preparation for the Olympiad will damage of the ecology of surroundings, because of the building it is necessary to change the landscape, which at the given moment does not make it possible to conduct mass sporting events. Therefore this entire idea will cause great harm to both the city and to country".

Deputy is convinced that the arrival of Vladimir Putin into Guatemala in no way influenced the decision of members IOC. "The decision was accepted only due to corrupt motives, and there are no other motives. Since any specialist, who would take one glance at Sochi, immediately would understand that it is not possible to carry out the Olympics there ".

"The decisive argument for the victory -was the huge sums of money, which will be pocketed by members of IOC, and also Russian sport officials, who suffocated Russian sport, and, apparently, for a good reward", the deputy chairman of committee was convinced.

Andrey Savelyev described that he himself spent his entire life practicing martial arts, and now is occupied by karate.


Colleen said...

I disagree strongly.

Corruptness was at a peak in Russia during the 90s, where the people behind Yeltsin became billionaires overnight at the expense of the people (40% were thrown in poverty) and the state (it went bankrupt).

Putin has restored order and ended this massive corruption, even rightfully using the power of the law to reverse some corrupt deals perpetrated by Yeltsin's cronies.

As a result, there is less poverty and the state is economically strong (it's repaid its debts and accumulated large sums of wealth, figures which are fully transparent and commonly referenced).

If Putin's policies continue post-2008, all of Russia will continue to prosper, the middle class will grow stronger, and poverty will disappear.

Sure, some of Yeltsin's peoples want to come back to restart their thefts and corruptions and they're resorting to lies and allegations, but the Russian people KNOW.

Rurrik said...

Colleen, you are truly naive if you think that Putin has ended corruption in Russia. By any measure (world bank, freedom house, etc.) corruption in Russia has EXPLODED under Putin. All that Putin did is concentrate all the power in his hands by taking control of the press and key industries. The Russian economy has grown by an average of 7% a year not any better then most other former Soviet Countries, and this is with record oil prices! So you can imagine that Russia's real growth beyond oil is very small.

Putin is an outgrowth of Yeltsin but with much more authoritarian tendencies. If you actually read about Putin you will see he is responsible for a step back from democracy which is vital for the future of Russia.

Colleen said...

As a non-Russia, but very close follower of the country I think otherwise on the topic of corruption.

Corruption in which certain few conspire to benefit themselves outside of the law happened in the 90s, henceforth the oligarchs.

Putin has simply and legally applied the rule of law and contracts to jail tax cheats and invalidate contracts that have been violated.

As a result the state has become stronger because it chose to purchase bankrupt assets that came to auction or bail out projects that had contract violations.

This is not corruption. You can say that this is "authoritarian tendencies" and it might be true, but it's not corruption in the regular sense of the word in my opinion.

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