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Monday, January 22, 2007

You know they have an interesting shows on the Kremlin approved NTV channel which is hosted by this guy . The show itself is similar to what you have in America like crossfire or other political round tables. What makes this show very different is that it portraits a very sad picture of Russia where as spirited discussion and followed by applause just at the wrong times! While there are a variety of opinions voiced, the rational and the logical often get shouted out by the crazy nationalist types. There's a new law in Duma which says that there will not be anymore meetings, demonstrations and public gatherings two weeks prior or after elections. This law is clearly unconstitutional as the Russian constitution guarantees freedom of assembly. Yet the audience didn't seem to be outraged at all and seemed to even at times support the main proponent of the law with applause. This is the main problem in Russia, the majority of the public does not know nor care if their rights and constitutional privileges are taken away right in front of them.

it makes one very distressed at the ruling party's apathy and the whole lack of any kind of societal involvement in running of the country. The elites behave themselves in any way they choose fit, the population is stripped of its constitutional rights. Case in point the recent law about the movement of the constitutional court of the Russian federation shows the utter disregard and disrespect for the constitution in this country. The federation council issued a law moving the court to St.Petersburg without even consulting the court judges! Imagine if congress all of a sudden decided to move the Supreme Court to Chicago away from Washington and then didn't even ask the Supreme Court judges about what they thought, this would never happen in an actual democracy but in a quazy authoritarian oligarchical system that is Russia none cares about the constitutional court and the farther away from Moscow they are the better! the law was put on hold pending consultation from the judges but its even suggestion shows the condition of the so called democracy in Russia.

it is also scary to think what is going to happen in 2008 when obviously the government is preparing for massive fraud and vote rigging by disallowing all rights of assembly 2 weeks prior and after the elections. the fun is just began.

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La Russophobe said...

Hello Rurrik,

I'm pleased to welcome you to the blogosphere. Your effort to help us understand what is going on in wild and wacky world of Russian TV is most welcome and fills an important niche. I have blogrolled you.

Keep up the good work!