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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Russian News

I have Russian TV on my cable and I will try to talk about what I saw on there the previous night on here. Basically Russian TV ( main channel ORT) is not your regular news program, so it is very interesting ( and amusing) to look at it from a Western perspective. And let me tell you as we near the Russian elections of 2008 I gather it will get more and more ridiculous.

Last night (1/16/07)

- Talked about the abolition of 5 political parties that did not reach the 50,000 registered members fresh hold that is set by the election law. The first victims are Eurasian Union, People’s Republican Party, Nature and Society Party of Regions Development, Social Protection Party and Union of People for Education and Science. The new story focused on the way that all these alleged parties registered the mentally ill, the deceased etc. they even had a reporter interview a bunch of old babushkas (grandmas) that were tricked into registering as republicans! (god forbid they didn't even know what it stood for).
Kremlin's message: Join our approved parties or we close you down.

Next story was about how the newly rich Russians are buying apartments in the tallest new building in Melbourne Australia! (you never hear about such stuff on CNN or Fox News!)

- Next story was about how a tax official got busted trying to extort 5 million dollars bribe in cash to take care of tax problem for a company. The company notified the FSB and they set up a sting, whats amazing is that it shows you how big the problem is when it costs $5mil to bribe a simple tax official!

- Another story on Putin meeting some governor of a far away province and listening to the governor talk about how great Putin is and how his national projects are making a difference for teachers, doctors etc. Putin ofcourse says how much more must be done in the sphere. (All looks and feels very fake, staged and sad, just like Putin himself.)

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